Tuesday, 2 October 2012

He's Da Man!

People come and go in one's life on a regular basis! They enter your lives for a reason and then for another reason they go! That's part of life.

Then you have people in your life who remain a constant.  People who are there by your side through thick and thin, though your ups and downs, highs and lows.  These people can be family, friends, colleagues.  Again, they are there for a reason.

Sometimes the people who are always by your side tend to get overlooked in your every day routines.  They are a given. We may forget to thank them or tell them how much we appreciate them, but we hope they always know.

I have several people in my life who I am lucky enough to have by my side all of the time.  They don't have to be physically there, but emotionally they are there 24/7. My children, who are now all adults are my prize possesions.  I hope they know I am always there for them no matter what! My love for them is unconditional! Each and every one of my 5 girls make me so proud! They have all accomplished so much both in their professional and personal lives. As much as I am there for them, they are also there for me and I thank them and cherish them!

But this blog is about one person in particular.  He entered my life 16 years ago at a time when he was clearly needed to enter. He has showed me constant support, laughter, companionship, friendship and love. This person is Mr. Yummy!

The fact of the matter is that there would be no Yummy Yank if it wasn't for Mr. Yummy! No, he doesn't bake, he is not the face of The Yummy Yank and no he is not American! He is a Brit through and through and very proud of it. So why couldn't this business go on without him?  Quite simple really! He encourages me, he drives me, both figuratively and literally, he comes to every market and where needed erects my stalls.  He loads and unloads, he packs and unpacks, he cleans, he slices & cuts, he sells, he labels, he creates, but most of all he encourages!  In Mr. Yummy's eyes, I can do anything I put my mind to and I can do it well, even if I question myself.  He is the driving force behind The Yummy Yank! The behind the scenes visionary perhaps.

I do thank him, I thank him constantly because I know how lucky I am! I thank him because he works so hard. He has a job besides The Yummy Yank, one where he has a two and a half hour drive, 5 days a week, but yet nothing is ever a problem. If I run out of an ingredient, he stops on his way home from work to grab it for me.  If I have a market on a weekday, he comes to set me up and then heads on to work. If I need new logos or something done marketing wise, he is right there researching and problem solving.  He is my accountant, my logic, my person who keeps me grounded. And the best part, he does it all with a smile on his face and a gentle manner that is second to none.

What does he get for all of this? He certainly doesn't get a weekend anymore, but he does get to eat the leftover samples after a market, which quite honestly makes him very happy!  He gets to see what started as a hobby for his wife turn into a real and profitable venture. He gets the title of Mr. Yummy which makes him beam with pride. Most of all, he gets my utmost love and appreciation! So Mr. Yummy, this blog is just for you! You are da man!!!

As always, thanks for reading and y'all have a nice day!
Lisa aka The Yummy Yank

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