Monday, 13 February 2012

What's Next? I Know - A Competition

The year 2012 holds a lot of questions for me.  Mostly on my mind is which direction do I want to take The Yummy Yank?  Do I want to stay as I am and continue along happily doing farmers markets across Yorkshire?  Do I want to expand into the wholesale market?  Do I want to maybe one day open up a Yummy Yank restaurant?  It's even been suggested to me to get an Airstream and turn the brand into a proper American diner type of place.  Another suggestion, believe it or not was the possibility of franchising.  I really don't know where I want this all to go.  I do know that I enjoy every minute and I love meeting everyone who supports The Yummy Yank.  Lovely people love lovely desserts!

I'm now meeting up with a wonderful networking group consisting of business people and other incredible local food producers.  It's so refreshing to bounce ideas off of each other.  Lots of brains working together opens up a whole new world of ideas and opportunities.  In addition to being so helpful, I have met a wonderful group of new friends as well.  We'll meet every month and who knows, maybe in time,  I will figure out where The Yummy Yank is going to change, if it changes at all!

I decided one way to spread the word about The Yummy Yank is by having a simple competition.  The winner gets a sampler box of mixed goodies of my choice.  I'm pretty confident everyone will be happy with the prize.  It's open to all UK residents, will be posted anywhere in the UK and ends on the 14th of February, 2012 at 11.59pm.  The prize will be posted by the 12th March, 2012.

All everyone has to do is to tell me why they think they deserve to win the prize.  Simple really!  It can be heartfelt, funny, touching, whatever you choose to write.

I've posted the competition on Facebook and on Twitter as well and it is getting lots of recognition and wonderful entries.  It will be a hard decision to make, as there are so many people who deserve to win.  But there will only be one winner. 

Time is running out, so please enter quickly.  You can tell me in the comments section of the blog why you or someone you care about deserves the box of Yummy Yank desserts. 

I think a competition of this nature has taken The Yummy Yank in yet another direction and is expanding its horizons that little bit further afield.  Who knows where I may pop up next?  I sure don't, but it is so exciting to think about it!!

Looking forward to reading your entries and good luck!

As always, thanks for reading and y'all have a nice day!

Lisa aka The Yummy Yank!