Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Random Bakes of Kindness

There's a wonderful lady that I follow on Twitter named Vanessa Kimbell.  Vanessa is a food blogger & journalist, cookbook author and all around lovely person! She came up with a wonderful idea of doing a random bake of kindness to an unsuspecting, deserving person in your life.  It's quite easy to do and something that I hope I do on a regular basis.  I like to think of myself as a kind & giving person, but this random act inspired me!  So here it is!

I have an incredibly busy week ahead of me.  Four markets from Thursday til Sunday.  I haven't stopped baking and I have to say, I am already tired and I still have a lot more to do!  But I am not too tired to bake a little extra for a couple of lovely people. 

These people are the caretakers of the village hall and the hall in which I do my local market.  They aren't the "organisers" of the market, but yet they seem to do every bit of the work.  They get up at the crack of dawn to set the hall up with tables, chairs, electricity etc.  They give us, the stallholders coffee and tea throughout the morning, they are there to help any way they can.  They clean the hall after we leave.  They even go out to look for more stallholders so that the market can continue thriving.  This is not their job, but yet they do it happily, with a smile on their face and yes, the occasional and sometimes not so occasional moan.  They set up for childrens' birthday parties straight after a market or get ready for yoga held in the hall.  They maintain the hall to the highest standards and they are a part of our village community!  They often go unrecognised and often certain people think that this is what they are supposed to do as they get paid to do a job!  Perhaps this is so, but in my opinion, they go beyond the call of duty!  I am very proud to call them my friends!

So this random act of kindness is for you, Paul & Sherryl!  Thank you for all you do!  I know I for one appreciate it beyond words.

I frequently give them something after each market to say thank you, but in this instance, I want to dedicate my blog to them, because without them, there would be no market and not as much humour on the second Saturday of every month.

This Saturday I will be taking them my chocolate chip cookie bars.  I am making extra just for them.  Sherryl really shouldn't eat it as she is a diabetic, but she does treat herself now and again with the doctor's permission.  They are very easy to make and a very delicious treat!  I hope they enjoy them and think of me when I tell them they were baked just for them and a blog dedicated to them for their hard work and kindness!

Cheers guys and enjoy!

Until the next time, have a nice day y'all!

Lisa aka The Yummy Yank


  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful idea--a lovely surprise that will be so appreciated. Everyone will enjoy this special market day!

  2. That is so lovely! I bet the chocolate chip cookies bars were very much appreciated :-)

  3. They sound delicious - I'm sure it makes Sherryl and Paul's jobs so much easier when they are appreciated.