Thursday, 21 April 2011

It's Blazing Hot

This spring in the UK has been the most gorgeous spring that I can remember in the 14 years of living here!  The sunshine and warmth are just enveloping the whole of Yorkshire!  The azure blue skies just put a smile on my face.  The birds are singing and enjoying the suet balls that we have put out for them.  I should be outside enjoying this weather, walking in the magnificent Yorkshire Dales or having a drink in the sun with friends.  My dogs are outside sunning themselves, but I'm not!

Instead, I have my trusty glass of water by my side, I am singing like the birds (I am sure my family are glad they live away) and I am still hot and even red faced!  Why?  Because it is a mega baking day!  This Sunday is Otley Farmers market, yes, even on Easter Sunday!  I have no idea what kind of day it will be?  Will it be busy because people want to have a nice stroll with their family in the beautiful market town of Otley?  Or will it be slow because people will be enjoying this wonderful weather by the seaside or barbequing with their families?  I don't have a clue!  I am preparing as normal and hopefully it will prove to be a good day!

My cake layers are done and now I am doing all of the bars.  Pecan pie bars, rocky road, butterscotch caramel dream are all complete and the chocolate chip cookie pie is in the oven.  Next comes my ginormous pans of brownies.  I'm doing pretty well considering I took two days off for the Jewish Holiday Passover.  I think I have caught up nicely.  Don't get me wrong, I still didn't leave the kitchen, as I had Passover meals to prepare and come up with some nice flourless desserts for us! A wonderful flourless chocolate cake was made and a gorgeous Pavlova with berries and cream.  The pounds are piling on!  My kitchen has become my new best friend and we treat each other with a mutual respect!

This week has been an interesting and exciting week for this Yummy Yank!  I met up with Tony, proprietor of La Luna restaurant in Halifax, Yorkshire and they are going to start serving my desserts at their restaurant!  I am completely blown away by this!  Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to open a small restaurant or bistro, but just couldn't rationalise it.  Restaurants are the fastest business to fail, you have to be there all of the time if you want it to work and there is a huge amount of overhead.  So, needless to say, it has been a pipedream.  I never thought as I get older, my dreams, in a different kind of way are becoming a reality and it is so satisfying!  Tony gave me a nice size order to start and hopes this will be a minimum order on a weekly basis.  To start, he ordered one New York cheesecake, two chocolate cheesecakes, one red velvet cake cheesecake, one Elvis cake, a supersize Legendary chocolate cake, 60 pecan pie bars and 40 brownies, with and without nuts.  I only hope that I can keep up with the demand because I don't want to give up the farmers markets.  Hey, I can't think of a better scenario than perhaps becoming big enough that I have to hire a couple of helpers!  Goodness me, how wonderful would that be?!!

La Luna should have my yummies by the middle of next week!  If anyone is in the Halifax area, stop by and say hello to Tony and crew and try one of the Yummy Yank's American desserts!  I want to hear what you think! 

Now back to my baking, as I can't fall behind!  Just thought I would share my excitement with everyone and tell you all that The Yummy Yank is taking orders and growing!  Please get in touch to say hey!

As always, thanks for reading and y'all have a nice day and hopefully wherever you are, you too are enjoying the sunshine!

Lisa (AKA The Yummy Yank)
13-15 Westgate

Otley Farmers Market
Sunday, 24th April 2011
Otley Market Square
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Otley has a highly successful Farmers’ Market which is held on the last Sunday in every month. It is an accredited Farma market which means that all the produce sold there is sourced as locally as possible.
The market sells fresh and organic produce, direct from the producer and sourced as locally as possible. It is an accredited FARMA market, which means that it adheres to the strict rules laid down by the recognised body responsible for running Farmers’ Markets throughout the country to ensure that the customers are provided with fresh, local produce.
Otley farmers market opening times are: 9am - 1pm.
13-15 W
13-15 Westgate
Halifax, HX1 1DJ
Halifax, HX1 1DJ

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  1. Wow - you are wearing me out!!! Enjoy and many congrats! C U soon, Love Angela & Dave xx