Friday, 14 January 2011

Praise for Prashad

This blog is going to be a bit out of the ordinary for my writing.  It will be short and concise, which is different for a start.  More importantly though, it will be a review of sorts!  I won't make a habit of this, but this restaurant just impressed me so, I have to let all of you know about it!

Prashad was runner up in Gordon Ramsay's search for the best local restaurant and it is very clear why this little gem received such rave reviews.  It should have been the winner!

My husband and I went last night to Prashad, a unique, charming and utterly delicious vegetarian Indian restaurant in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

We were greeted in such a friendly manner and made to feel so welcome. Our drinks and poppadoms were brought out first. On the menu was Massala Lassi. I didn't know what it was, so a sample was brought out without hesitation for me to taste. It is a savoury lassi and it was so delicious and palette cleansing. The poppadoms were different than any other restaurant I have been to, rolled in a cone shape and lighter, they were outstanding. The pickles were clearly homemade and we both were getting every last bit up with our fingers.

We then went on to the mixed appetiser platter. There was Prashad's award winning Pethis on this platter, which is a deep fried spiced coconut ball encased in a fluffy potato. Amongst others, there was a spring roll, a samosa. and Kachori, balls deep fried in Rotli. I believe there was a selection of 8 starters.  Apologies if I cannot remember the names of everything, these were mostly new taste sensations to me and my husband.

For our main dishes, I had a Kaushy and Minal special. I had the Idli Sambar, which are rice flour dumplings steamed and served with spicy lentil soup along with coconut and yoghurt chutney. The flavours were sensational.  Spicy set off with the slight sweetness of grated coconut and the fluffiness of the dumplings were a perfect combination.

My husband had Zucchini and Channa Dhal, which is a lentil and zucchini curry, lightly spiced and steamed.  It was full of flavour and had a wonderful consistency to it.

To accompany our meals we had Rotli, thin round breads, Kichdi, a blend of basmati rice with lentils, and we ordered Khudi to go with it, which they say is an absolute must.  Khudi is a yoghurt soup made with chick pea powder and curry leaves.  It made the rice a savoury sort of rice pudding and it was delicious!

We had to get dessert because Kaushy had made Galub Jamon, which are small dough balls made up of mainly milk solids and an Indian milk and deep fried, served with a sweet sugar syrup made of rose water and cardamom.  Kaushy's were the lightest and fluffiest (and I have made these before) I have ever tasted and the syrup wasn't overly sweet.  They were served with ice cream and they were delicious.

I had Massala tea with dessert, a spiced Indian tea, not sweetened but with milk and my husband had coffee.

Prashad does not have an alcohol permit and the absence of alcohol does not matter at all.

Kaushy the owner/chef came out to speak to us for quite a long time.  She is lovely and cooks from the heart and with love.  A smile never leaves her face. Her daughter-in-law Minal also cooks in the kitchen and Kaushy raved about the chemistry they have together, something which is apparent in every dish.  It is so unusual to find two women cooking in an Indian restaurant. No doubt this is why the restaurant works so well!  Another example of two more powerful and passionate women in the food industry.  They love everything about what they do and are so proud of it as well.  It shows in every aspect of this restaurant.

Prashad is only a small restaurant seating about 40 people over two dining rooms, so I would recommend a reservation.

Our meal for two without gratuity, 2 bottles of water and two glasses of lassi was about £52 GBP.

This is an absolute not to miss restaurant!  Everything about it is wonderful and you feel like you have been welcomed into a friend's home for dinner! Loved it, loved it and cannot wait to go again!

Prashad is located at:
86 Horton Grange Road
West Yorkshire

Tel: 01274 575 893

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to try this restaurant!  Tell Kaushy I said hello!

Take good care and y'all have a nice day!

Lisa AKA The Yummy Yank

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